Easy to Make Dinner Ideas Kids will Love


If it hard to make a meal to please everyone in the family. There is some help when it comes to cooking for kids. These quick kid friendly dinner ideas are great for everyone in the family including the little ones.
“Fried Chicken”
Fried chicken is tasty but kids do not need all the extra fat. To make this quick meal take some chicken strips or cut chicken breasts into strips and coat them in crushed cornflakes. Bake them in the over until they are a golden brown. Kids will love this and there will not be as much fat.
Walking Taco
This is an interesting take on a taco that is easy to make. Instead of using the tortilla shells a bag of chips is used. Open an individual snack bag of fritos, Doritos, or similar chips. Add cooked ground beef, cheese ,sour cream, and other favorite taco toppings in with the chips. This is a tasty dinner and also easy to clean up.
These are some great kid friendly recipes. They are tasty to eat and kids will enjoy them.

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The Best Cheap Vacuums I’ve Found

It seems like there are about a million different vacuum cleaner models out there today, and, naturally, each of their manufacturers claims to have the best machine you could ever ask for.  With prices starting at under $100 and going up to $2,000 or more, shopping for a new vacuum cleaner that will really do all you need it to do can seem like an endless task.  Making sure you understand what factor really makes a vacuum cleaner powerful (and it might not be what you’re thinking–or what many manufacturers would have you believe) and what type of machine should meet your needs can make the process a little less painful.  Also, doing a bit of homework and research means you’ll come to understand that you don’t have to have an upper-end budget to get a quality machine.

So, what really makes a vacuum cleaner effective?  Well, it isn’t the motor, even though many manufacturers tout their super-powerful motors as key selling points.  While it does make sense that a more powerful motor should equal better suction, there’s more to the story.  The most powerful motor won’t be able to maintain that awesome suction without great airflow.  Many models that boast superior motor power don’t have equally superior airflow, meaning that their superior suction is short-lived and won’t usually get through your cleaning routine without some loss of suction.  Sometimes, this loss of suction is relatively minor, but sometimes it can be pretty significant.  You see, a vacuum cleaner’s motor powers a fan that creates the suction that pulls in dirt and air.  This dirty air is drawn through the machine, with larger particles directed into a collection bag or canister and smaller particles captured by the filter.  The resulting clean air is then sent out of the machine via its exhaust outlet.  If this airflow system isn’t well sealed and otherwise efficient, there’s a greater chance that some of the dirty air will escape right back into your room or that dirt and dust particles will end up trapped in the vacuum cleaner’s inner workings.  In other words, airflow is much more critical to overall performance than motor power alone.  Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), so you should look for models with the highest CFM ratings to ensure maximum efficiency.  Visit best cheap vacuum cleaners under 100 for some top picks of budget-friendly vacuum cleaners for all flooring types.  You’ll find pros and cons along with some additional information to consider when shopping.

The next major consideration when shopping for a vacuum cleaner is the type of flooring you need to clean.  Many “best overall” claims are based solely on carpet-cleaning models, which doesn’t help you if you don’t have carpet.  Vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning carpet are generally built with roller brush heads.  These rolling brushes are able to “beat” the carpet, stirring up dirt and dust from below the surface.  Models for bare floors rely more on straightforward surface suction to get the job done.  Using a vacuum cleaner designed for bare floors on carpet won’t allow you to get as much dirt from below the carpet’s surface.  Likewise, using a carpet model on bare floors will likely scatter as much dust as it collects and could even do some damage to more delicate flooring.


If you have pets, there’s no need to pay extra for a machine advertised as being geared toward pet owners.  Find a model with good airflow, and that airflow will work as well on pet hair and dander as it does on other household messes.  While HEPA filters have pretty much become the standard, the only area where HEPA filters truly outperform other filters is in the area of bacterial and microscopic pathogen capture.  In other words, even pet dander is no problem for most non-HEPA vacuum cleaner filters.  Just make sure the filter has a MERV rating of 8 or higher or is rated to remove particles as small as 3.0 microns.
Head to bestcheapvacuum.club for reviews that include pros and cons of several of the top cordless models.  You’ll find upright stick models as well as handheld versions.

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Awesome Ways to Have Fun on a Budget

While it’s exhilarating to go out and spend money, there are still plenty of awesome ways to have fun if you are on a budget. You can have fun by simply going outside, being creative with food, finding simpler ways to entertain yourself, and volunteering your time as well. The following are a list of some fun activities if you are on a budget.


Go Outside

  1. Go on an exploration. Explore a local woodsy area. Make it more spontaneous by flipping a coin whenever you hit a fork in the road to decide if you go left or right, being sure to keep track of where you’re going to avoid getting lost.
  2. Partake in a modern, technological scavenger hunt. Set up clues, riddles, and/or math problems and have participants take pictures of the “treasure,” call numbers, and do fun deeds while capturing it on video.  
  3. Have a picnic. Invite friends and/or family and ask that everyone contribute something from scratch.
  4. Make a kite. To make a simple, basic kite, all you need is paper, two sticks, string, ribbons, and scissors. Show off your latest creation at the nearest park or beach.
  5. Start a collection. Go outside and collect interesting-shaped things, like rocks, shells, or leaves.


Fun with Food

  1. Make deconstructed food and/or drink gifts. Decorate some mason jars and layer the inside with ingredients. You can include ingredients for cookies or peppermint hot cocoa. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Host a dinner. Invite friends, family, or neighbors over. You can even take turns hosting.
  3. Have potluck dinners with friends or neighbors. This makes it even easier for everyone involved. You can make it even more fun by making it themed. Everyone can bring something based on a TV show or movie, or it can be even simpler and everyone can bring something Italian.
  4. Make a recipe book. The recipe book can be of all your own favorite dishes, or it can be of old family recipes. If someone’s birthday is coming up or it’s the holiday season, you can give the recipe book as a gift.
  5. Have a food contest. The contest rules can be whatever you want. It can be a budget food contest, or a baking contest. Just make sure to have with it.


Entertain Yourself

  1. Have a karaoke night. Rather than going out to a restaurant that offers karaoke, you can utilize the Youtube karaoke channel and do it straight from home. Invite friends over and have a fun time.
  2. Go to a free concert. Check the community calendar for free concerts. Even Craigslist may have a listing of free concerts in your area.
  3. Have a movie marathon. Invite some friends over and have a movie marathon. The movie marathon can either be movies from a series or it can be themed, such as an independent-film marathon.
  4. Host a family barbecue. You can even ask family to bring different foods so you don’t have to fund the entire thing yourself. This is a great time for adults and kids (if you have any) to catch up.
  5. Volunteer your time as an usher. It’s common for theatres to give away free movie tickets for individuals who either volunteer as ushers to seat guests or for individuals who clean-up after a movie.


Give Back

  1. Host a webinar. This is a great opportunity to talk and share information about something you are passionate about. Do some research beforehand and spread the word.
  2. Volunteer at a local children’s hospital. Host a sing-a-long or come dressed up as a famous book or movie character.
  3. Spread awareness digitally. Create a digital project about something you are passionate about and spread awareness. Any proceeds you obtain can go to charity.
  4. Participate in a race for charity. Check out any local runs or races and participate in the one whose cause you care most about.
  5. Have a bake sale. Get any friends, family members, or neighbors involved. Donate the proceeds to the charity or charities of your choosing.
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How to Get Coupons for Free

Couponing has gained immense popularity in the last century, especially with shows like Extreme Couponing. Obtaining coupons can be as simple as clipping some from your local Sunday newspaper. However, aside from this, especially if you don’t already subscribe to your local paper, there are many ways that you can get coupons without having to spend a cent. The following are a list of ways you can try to get obtain coupons for free.



  • Get them from friends, relatives, and co-workers



Of all the people who get the Sunday paper, there are bound to be those who just throw out their coupons from either lack of interest or some other reason. This is the easiest place to start getting your coupons for free. Ask around with those you are familiar with and you’re sure to get some free coupons.



  • Get them from Starbucks or McDonald’s on Sunday afternoons



Starbucks and McDonald’s are popular places people choose to go and read their Sunday morning papers. Some of these newspapers get left behind, meaning you can scrounge up some Starbucks and McDonald’s locations and most likely score some free coupons. Furthermore, if you know anyone who works at a Starbucks or McDonald’s on Sundays, you can always ask them to collect the left-behind Sunday papers for you.



  • Get copies of extra unsold Sunday newspapers


Some places, like gas stations, will hand out extra unsold Sunday newspapers. Furthermore, if you know anyone who delivers newspapers, some places allow them to hand out any extras as well.



  • Get them from trading



You yourself undoubtedly toss unwanted coupons aside, meaning others most likely do as well. Find a way to trade unwanted coupons. You can do this by exchanging with familiars like friends, relatives, and co-workers, or you can search for other local coupon groups or online forums.



  • Get them from Coupon Trains



Coupon Trains work almost like trading, but among multiple people and in a train-like fashion. Starting with one individual, he or she will take some coupons from a mailed coupon and add some as well before passing it on to the next person on the mailing list, who will do the same. Coupon Trains are another excellent option for obtaining free coupons.



  • Get them from your local library



Most libraries stock newspaper subscriptions and will allow you to have the coupon inserts. Make sure to ask early since they most likely do so on a first-come, first-serve basis.



  • Get them from your dumpster


This may not be the most glamorous way to to obtain your coupons, but if you’re someone who’s hesitant to ask others for their coupons, this is an easy way to get a bunch of them.



  • Get them from the store



Stores often offer coupons on tearpads or dispensers, so be sure to keep your eyes open when pursuing any of these. Don’t hesitate to grab a few extra as well.



  • Get them online


Getting coupons online can be as easy as just typing a search into a search engine. Just make sure the place you’re printing coupons for accepts online printable coupons.



  • Get them by writing in and asking for them



The last option is writing into manufacturers and, while complimenting their products, request any coupons they may have.

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